Executive Director

Director of Immigration Legal Services

Madhu Sharma


Director of Business & Operations

Kurt A. Winebrenner

Director of Workforce/Economic Development

Susan Berg Herman

Director of Refugee Resettlement

Daniel Torma


Staff Attorney

Caleb A. Benadum

Staff Attorney

Candice Gage

Justice Campaign Fellow

Brian Hoffman

Legal Secretary / Receptionist

Sila King

BIA Accredited Representative

Khem Kuikel


Manager of Employment Services

Kirk Olmstead

Employment Case Manager

Eka Anthony

Employment Case Manager

Craig Joseph

Employment Case Manager

Khin Man Soe

Integration Adminstrator

Mahananda Luitel

Volunteer Coordinator, Americorps

Beth Johnson

interpreting & Translation Services

Interpreting Coordinator

Bhim P. Dhungana

Translation Coordinator

Hsathablay Moo

Refugee resettlement

Refugee Resettlement Case Manager

Jawid Ahmadzai

Refugee Resettlement Case Manager

Luke Suzelis

Refugee Resettlement Case Manager

Drew Thomas

Integration Counselor

Santa Gajmere

Social Services

Manager of Social Services

Radha Adhikari

Social Services Case Manager

Rollin Mukanza